Initial Services

Ongoing Services


Waste Expense Management will perform an objective, third-party analysis of your
organization’s existing waste and recycling programs and expenses.

Our comprehensive 30-step process will be performed by a waste industry professional
who will make sure that every detail that can lead to additional efficiency and cost reduction
is considered.

Benefit to your organization?:
  • If your organization is already doing all that it can to achieve maximum efficiency and
    minimum cost, then this analysis will confirm that.
  • If there are additional modifications that can be made to reduce waste expenses,
    then you will know what they are and you will have a partner that will implement those
    modifications to deliver those financial savings.

Hiring us to perform this analysis requires no funding, no budgetary review and no capital outlay.

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  Based upon the Waste Analysis we will:

1. Review your Current Operations.
Our consultants study the way you and your waste services vendor currently manage your solid wastes and recyclables, establishing an in-depth understanding of your unique service needs, and a benchmark of your current costs.

2. Identify Opportunities.
Applying our knowledge of the latest technologies, transportation systems, disposal alternatives, commodity prices, and information from our national network of affiliates, we locate areas of your operations in which we can make the most significant contributions.  

3. Develop Recommendations.
We develop a detailed series of recommendations for the most cost-effective improvements currently available.  

4. Conduct an Analysis of Expected Savings.
We also develop a financial impact statement, showing the expected results of our proposed plan, and how much money you will save.

5. Present our New Waste Management Plan for Approval.
Working as your partner, we develop a plan that works best for you. Your approval is a key step in our consulting process.  

6. Implement the Plan.
For the entire length of our agreement, we monitor the operations of our agreed-upon solid waste management programs, ensuring that our standards are maintained, errors, overcharges and price increases are corrected, and that your expected savings are being achieved.

WEM will audit your invoices on a monthly basis. We will be a parallel set of eyes - in addition to your own AP process – reviewing your invoices in search of billing errors, invalid price increases, data-entry errors, posting of expected credits, etc. If we identify errors on any invoice, then WEM will contact your service provider in order to have the error corrected on the next invoice.

WEM will use the invoices to provide you with a detailed report, showing the actual results of your new solid waste management programs, and how much money has been saved compared to our agreed-upon benchmark.

WEM recognizes that saving money by sacrificing quality is unacceptable. That is why we continually monitor and hold our client’s vendors accountable to provide excellent service and to deliver on the commitments that they make to our clients.

WEM is constantly evaluating opportunities to reduce waste expenses by identifying the latest and best waste and recycling methods using proven training tools, monitoring recycling indexes and new technologies that become available in our client’s markets.

WEM is aware that situations in our client’s operations might change from time to time. For that reason, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs as they change so that we can analyze and recommend the most efficient and cost effective waste solutions.

Late pick-ups, missed pick-ups, damage to property, etc. These are some of the occasional problems that our clients have always had to deal with. There is nothing more disruptive to your day than to call your hauler only to be subjected to long hold times, explaining your problem to multiple people, making repetitive phone calls to resolve your issue. WEM provides you with a single toll-free number to call so that we can take on your problem with your hauler once and for all. We will keep you posted on progress being made through resolution.

It is very common for commercial waste disposal customers to aggressively pursue the best possible service with the best possible prices, then once the vendor is selected and the contract is signed, the contract is placed in a file cabinet. Over time however, prices increase, expiration dates are extended, the notification dates to cancel and/or renegotiate come and go without a care and you only have a vague recollection of the original pricing, terms and conditions. WEM will make sure that we remove your contracts from the file cabinet to an automated contact management system that is monitored regularly by a trained professional to empower our clients with proactive control.

When it is time to evaluate new vendors and/or new waste disposal and recycling services WEM is on your team to provide our waste industry expertise. We help our clients develop the criteria upon which they will request bids for disposal services and/or equipment. We will deal with vendors and negotiate on behalf of our clients while armed with market knowledge and the experience of knowing what others are paying in our client’s market. Our clients ALWAYS REMAIN IN CONTROL of this process since WEM never signs agreements on behalf of its clients. We prefer our clients to always retain a direct contractual relationship with the vendors that directly provide services.