Q: We just signed a contract with our trash hauler. Can you still help me?

A: Definitely. Almost every location joining our program is under contract with a trash hauler. It is rare for a trash hauler not to work with us based upon price and service value versus short-term contractual obligation. We promote long-term, value-based relationships with haulers that mean far more to them than the finite term of a service contract.  

Q: Does your company pick-up the trash/recycling?

A: No. We are not a trash/recycling hauling company. We are a waste expense management consulting firm with a singular mission to help you spend less time and money on trash services. Think of WASTE EXPENSE MANAGEMENT as your department that works on your behalf to negotiate the lowest costs and manage the headaches associated with trash services and expenses.  

Q: What if the city has designated the company we must use for trash collection? Can I still benefit from your service?

A: Absolutely! Even when service rates are non-negotiable due to a blanket service contract (a.k.a. “franchise agreement”), the importance of managing efficient, accurate waste service plans remains a top priority. Through our service analysis, invoice verification and one-stop support, we deliver expense control and regularly capitalize on expense reductions. We’ve also found franchise markets to carry some of the highest billing error rates.

Q: Should I be concerned about recycling and hazardous waste issues?

A: Yes. Federal and local-level legislation is increasing on defining the "producer responsibility" requirements for recycling and the disposal of items such as universal waste (ex: batteries, fluorescent bulbs, paints, etc.) and e-waste (ex: computers). With this comes an increasingly complicated challenge for businesses both from an expense and liability standpoint. Requirements are very much market specific in many cases, and WASTE EXPENSE MANAGEMENT can help you evaluate your options and implement "business practical" recycling solutions.  

Q: Are you going to start reducing our service plan? We don't want service issues.

A: We only recommend improvements that will benefit you. We simply want to reduce your headaches, and your headaches are our headaches. Also, your company retains complete control over approving our recommendations.

Q: Do we call you for all service requests instead of calling our waste hauler?

A: It is critical that you call WASTE EXPENSE MANAGEMENT directly for three key reasons:

  1. In order to verify the accuracy of your trash bills and prevent any trash hauler billing errors, we must know what services you actually requested for your property.
  2. Our team is dedicated to saving you time dealing with trash expenses. Calling us directly means a faster response to your requests. Our team works for you to ensure that all requests are handled satisfactorily by the hauler.
  3. Calling WASTE EXPENSE MANAGEMENT ensures you always receive the best pricing value for new services.