Waste Expense Management will perform an objective, third-party analysis of your organization’s existing waste and recycling
programs and expenses.

We use a proprietary 30-step process when evaluating each and every client. Our staff follows a rigorous process
that only a seasoned waste management professional can accomplish – it typically takes 60 to 120 days of
focused effort to complete, depending on the complexity of your waste stream and number of locations.

In fact, we go through 20 steps before we even begin to request bids and
negotiate market area pricing.

Once this analysis is completed, we will present the following:

  • A review of your current waste and recycling programs,
    contract positions, and expenses.

  • A review of any opportunities that would lead to improvements
    in efficiency and/or costs.

  • Detailed recommendations that would lead to actual expense reductions.

The Waste Analysis is performed at no cost.

Therefore, hiring us to perform this analysis requires no funding, no budgetary review, no capital outlay – and minimal time.

If your organization is already doing all that it can to achieve maximum efficiency and minimum cost, then this analysis will confirm that at no cost and minimal effort.

If there are additional modifications that can be made to reduce waste expenses by 10% or more, then you will know what they are and you will have a partner that will implement those modifications to deliver those financial savings to your bottom-line.

Once you submit your request you will be contacted to coordinate your Waste Analysis.