Waste Expense Management, Inc. (WEM) is a corporate cost reduction firm focused on saving money on your organization’s waste management expenses. We are not a waste hauler. WEM is an independent, third-party consultant whose only loyalty is to you – our client. As a certified affiliate of Environmental Waste Solutions (EWS) we are proud to be part of a network of over 600 seasoned professionals serving commercial and industrial clients with locations all across the USA and Canada. Most companies today are spending much more than necessary on their waste and recycling expenses and it would be our mission to help you drive excess costs out of your business.

•   Risk-Free Waste Analysis
•   Initial Expense Reduction
•   Monthly Review of Waste Related Invoices
•   Provide Monthly Savings Report
•   Monitor Service Providers
•   Future Expense Reduction
•   Adjust Service as Required
•   Address Service Problems  with Vendors
•   Contract Management
•   Negotiate Service Agreements

All companies, large and small, are being called on to “do their part” to  reduce, reuse and recycle. Many companies today are working very hard to be good corporate citizens and are investing heavily in this area. Your organization can implement responsible and efficient sustainability programs while reducing expenses at the same time. WEM will perform an objective analysis of your programs to identify opportunities for additional efficiencies and cost effectiveness.

Our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Waste Expense Management will perform an analysis of your company’s waste and recycling programs at NO COST. If WEM can not identify at least 10% Gross Savings for your company, you would then be assured of your current system’s cost effectiveness and would be under no obligation to work with us thereafter.

Your company has nothing to lose!